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The Perfect Present (5 Lessons)

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Key Verse: James 1:17
Key Message: Unwrapping the Gospel Message

Using a GIFT theme, girls will unwrap the presents of: Who God is, Why God created them, What Sin is, Who Jesus is, and the GIFT of the Holy Spirit. Evangelical in approach, The Perfect Present identifies the simplicity of the gospel message. God is great and infinite. We are His children and designed as a masterpiece. Sin is guaranteed and false. Jesus is with us and offers forgiveness. The Holy Spirit is our instructor and teacher. Once we accept the perfect present of Jesus, we will be filled with His perfect presence forever.

The art project with The Perfect Present is the Showers of Compassion Umbrella. Only instructions are included. Art supplies must be purchased separately. The reminder comes from lesson one where we read Psalm 145:9 "He showers compassion on all His creation"  study the goodness of God!

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